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Susan was totally Valentino HK nuts , or


Why Did Susan Boyle S Album, I Dreamed A Dream, Beats Amazon S Pre Ordered Sales Records?

This Sunday I watched the news on our Spanish television, and a headline with a short report came up. Susan Boyle s debut CD sets Amazon pre ordered sales record . I do not recall to have heard Susan sing any song for the Album, I Dreamed a Dream, in the trailer, but I remembered a picture of the woman ; ... ugly even a little silly looking, with a terrible haircut and hairy eyebrows. My first thought was that I had seen Susan Boyle s mother s images and not the artist herself.

Before I continue, I may first introduce myself a little. I am German (excusing my deficient English), living in Spain, married to a lovely Spanish woman and father of a wonderful 14 years old teenager Yes! A Teenager, but still wonderful!). I am working all day and have little time to watch television. As I never had heard the name Susan Boyle, I asked my daughter whether she knew anything about Susan and her new Album, I Dreamed a Dream.

She looked at me with this cynical look of hers, like saying Pa you are living behind the moon , and replied You have not heard of Susan Boyle? ...Really? ... O.k. She is a singer from the English TV realty show Britain s Got Talent . The show is similar to the Spanish equivalent Operacion Triunfo . She was the sensation! And why that? I replied. Again, she looked at me with this cynical expression, slightly shaking her head, about to continue, but then changed her mind and simply said. That s a surprise Pa. If you want to know more, then have a look on internet. It s worthwhile!

Looking at her smiling face and knowing my teenager daughter, it was very clear that she would not tell mi a single word more about Susan Boyle s sensational performance in the Britain s Got Talent show. I would have to research for myself. I asked her whether the woman on the TV had been Susan Boyle, and she nodded, confirming the impossible .

Now I was completely intrigued and headed directly to my PC. When I looked Susan Boil up in Yahoo there was nothing. I thought, Well, Susan Boil can t be that important if I can t find her name in yahoo . Then I tried Google and got the hint Did you mean Susan Boyle ? . Oooops! Google was right, and I am ignorant! There were pages and pages of search results for Susan Boyle, including pictures of this sensational woman. Also the title of Susan s new (debut) album, I Dreamed a Dream, was al over the place. An album that has not even been published! Dreamed a Dream, will be published officially on November 22nd.

One of the first entries was the YouTube video titled Susan Boyle Singer Britains Got Talent 2009 (With Lyrics) . That lookes interesting, click and go...

The video loaded in high definition mode. The first images, Susan, sitting in the back, having a big bite into her sandwich, in a way that it seemed as if she wanted to eat it all in one go, including the tips of her fingers. Then a few backstage sequences of Susan with the final phrase I m gone a make that audience rock! What a statement! This woman, uglier than I recalled, dressed according to the rest of her appearance, what would make her performance so sensational ? Was this show of self esteeming just a bluff? Either Susan was totally Valentino HK nuts , or ...I don t know what to say....

The following sequences are amazing; Susan walks onto the stage with all her pride and courage, exposing herself to the humiliation and desperation that will follow, without doubt. Asked about where she comes from gets stuck, but very naturally finds her way out; then, asked about her age, 47, shows a wonderful sense of humour with her peculiar belly dance . You can tell that she is enjoying her Dream ! Susan Boyle has nothing to loose, and she is living this moment that will never come back.

Flashes of people s faces and expressions, ranging from pain through amusement and laughing to incredibility make me feel glad for her that she is not able to see those expressions from her spot far up on the stage, against the blinding lights. I would have run away, that锟絪 for sure!

But Susan stays! No doubting seems to overcome our brave Susan Boyle. Asked about who she would like to be successful as, Susan, without shame, but rather convinced, names a famous star. Valentino Shoes HK No need to describe the expressions on the crowds faces.

Then Susan begins... singing her song, I Dreamed a Dream ... Within seconds the whole atmosphere changes. Her voice seems to embrace all. The peoples faces first freeze, but then quickly warm up and astounding and joy is everywhere. The audience is applauding enthusiastically, screaming and giving standing ovations. The crowd rocks ! ...Susan Boyle has fulfilled her Dream. Finished her song, she sends a kiss to her audience, turns around and is about to leave the stage (as if she did not want to spoil this memory of her dream), but the jury calls her back. Susan turns around and with firm steps takes her spot on the stage again, awaiting what is about to come.

No need to say that she had passed the exam with outstanding results.

Amanda defines very well Valentino Hong Kong Store the crowd, and myself. I know that everybody was against you. We were all being very cynical, and this has been the biggest wakeup call ever...

Simon describes Susan I with one clear phrase; Susan, you are a little Tiger, aren锟絫 you? Yes! Susan Boyle is a Tiger, and not one of the small kinds. I am trying to imagine how much she had to fight against herself and all the odds, but Susan did not give up! She finally managed to live the dream she dreamed.

Now, while I am writing this small article, I take a small break and watch Susan Boyle s first performance again. The same happens to me as when I saw her yesterday. Tears are rolling down my chicks. She definitely has stroke my heart, this small, ugly tiger!

On Sunday, November 21, 2009, there were 77,023,361 views of Susan s YouTube video Susan Boyle Singer Britains Got Talent 2009 (With Lyrics) . How many tears and joy may this 7:07 minutes have given the world? How many talented people may there be out there that have not had the chance to live the dream they dreamed or did not even dare to dream?

So, ...Why did Susan Boyle s Album, I Dreamed a Dream, beat Amazon s pre ordered sales records?

I went to amazon.co.uk and found already 50 very positive reviews on Susan s unpublished debut Album; I then listened to the trailers of the 12 songs onthe Album titled,... guess what!... I Dreamed a Dream . The reviews were very positive and I like a lot the songs, but nothing convinced me more than the moment I enjoyed together with Susan, when she lived her Dream.

Andre Klein

P.S. Today is Monday, November 22nd, and I am curious to see how many albums of Susan Boyle s I Dreamed a Dream are still available on Amazon. I first go to Amazon.co.uk and, no surprise, only 6 CD s left. I then go to Amazon.com and find another 13 Albums. My wife calls me for lunch, and I return an hour later. Now all I Dreamed a Dream CD s are gone! I missed my chance : (. This would have been a wonderful gift for my wife (and myself ; )).

I will have to wait until Susan Boyle s Album is on stock again. But there is a handy website that will alert me immediately for any product on Amazon when it returns into stock again. In case you re interested, you may want to have a look at the site http://www.mygiftalert.com. You never know when you may need it ; ), Christmas time is close!

More information on the dream Album...

Artist: Susan Boyle

CD Title: I Dreamed a Dream

US Amazon.com ASIN code: B0026P3G12

UK Amazon.com.uk ASIN code : B002LE8EFQ

Titles on the CD I Dreamed a Dream:

1. Wild Horses

2. I Dreamed A Dream

3. Cry Me A River

4. How Great Thou Art

5. You ll See

6. Daydream Believer

7. Up To The Mountain

8. Amazing Grace

9. Who I Was Born To Be

10. Proud

11. The End Of The World

12. Silent Night


Source: http://www.valentinoshoes.hk

Singing Tips Golden Goose Sneakers Sale For Beginners


Singing Tips Golden Goose Sneakers Sale For Beginners

Correct usage of your singing voice can be classified as another form of exercise. It requires lots of practice when Golden Goose Sale you have to exert effort and loosen some muscles at the same time. But by physical application in the form of standing up straight and with your feet apart and arms loosely hanging at your sides, you can easily draw on your diaphragm for strength. And with the assistance of your throat, jaw, and tongue, it is attainable.

1. Sing from your diaphragm. To locate your diaphragm, place your hand between your stomach and rib cages, just below the two cages affix. Be aware of it by blowing air out of your lungs, pushing it hard until you can feel the sensation of Golden Goose Sneakers it.

2. When you are warming up your voice, it has lesser tendency that you might damage or strain it. Don锟絫 try hitting high notes unless you are all warmed up. It will only sound awful and the possibility of inflicting damage to it is high. Also, the benefit of voice warm ups is noticeable in your voice range; it can widen your voice range enabling you to hit higher notes.

3. Practice singing everyday. You can always find time to practice singing; whether inside the bathroom while taking a shower, or while driving to work or school or while doing house chores! You can start by humming your favorite song, and then gradually shift to singing it. A little warm up can help, as I锟絭e already mention above. Just don锟絫 forget that a little consideration to our housemates is observed. We don锟絫 want to be singing on top of our lungs and get on the nerves of others. We don锟絫 want that also.

4. When you are singing songs that requires high notes, remember that it need more abdominal assistance than singing in full volume. Subtle notes in your higher range will need extra air. It is trickier and vibrates in your sinus cavities.

5. The vocal folds, commonly known as your vocal chords, pulsate in conformity of their mass and length. If you are straining your voice, your vocal cords are thrashing one another, that is why, it becomes swollen, losing their suppleness.

6. Avoid drinking alcohol, especially hard liquors. Also, avoid drinks with caffeine. Carbonated drinks should also be avoided before the performance. Professional singers drink plain water, fruit juices, and or ginger tea to remain hydrated during performance. Quit Smoking! There are too many artists who damaged their natural singing voice because of smoking. Those who had lost their voice never recovered it, especially Rock and Roll front man I knew. Their voice becomes hoarse and broken. Taking care of our voice requires discipline, but in a good way.

7. Lastly, the confidence that we should exude in front of an audience. Practice first in front of a mirror. Learn the right emotions that we should project. Be poised and secured with yourself and your talent. Don锟絫 hold back, sing with faith!


Source: http://www.goldengoosesale.com